Carter, Lochte’s Doberman
Credit: Jake Chessum

Even Olympians see the value in man's best friend. Lochte's pet Doberman, Carter - unsurprisingly named after Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., or Lil Wayne - may have caused the swimmer an ankle sprain right before the 2008 Olympic trials in Beijing, but not even a potentially career-altering injury can interrupt Lochte's love for his pooch. After some time away, Ryan tweeted, "Carter decided to sleep under the covers between my legs.... He miSses daddy." Despite their close bond, Carter and Lochte seem to share some aquatic differences. "Soo hard to wash a dog when he hates water... Poor lil carter!!!" in a follow-up tweet. Even if Carter isn't so quick to follow Lochte into the pool, these two are clearly best buds.