Designer Greens

After too many Big Macs at the Olympic Village in Beijing in 2008 made him sick, Lochte changed his diet. Strength trainer Matt DeLancey suggested going to get a salad at Designer Greens, a family-owned sandwich and salad restaurant with locations in Gainesville and Orlando. "I don't know, I hate salad," Lochte said, but DeLancey prevailed. "[Ryan] ordered a basic half-salad and a half buffalo chicken sandwich," recalls DeLancey. "He eats the salad and says 'I love this.' All of the sudden, he's eating Designer Greens every day for lunch." As Lochte tells it, the dietary change paid off. "Once I started eating [better], I was seeing such a dramatic improvement," he says. "Instead of having one or two practices that went back to back that were great, I was having weeks and weeks that were really good."