Circuit Workouts
Credit: Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

Being asked to work out with Tebow and his longtime trainer, Will Bartholomew, of D1 Sports Training, is an honor. It's also fair to say that it's a bit intimidating. Bartholomew explained that he not only varies workout regimens by sport, but by position, too. So for Tebow, who is a quarterback, but has the skill set and size to play other positions, it's a varied workout that starts with a dynamic warm-up. This means high kicks, arm swings, and inch worms.

Then comes rapid response work, which is based primarily on quick feet, agility, and speed. Tebow starts with races and falling-start sprints – where you simulate falling and then go straight into a run – then hits the weight room. There, he does rocket push-ups and weights, followed by a core circuit, including planks, and finally QB conditioning. The last exercise we did was the wall squat, which is like pretending to sit against a wall. To add to the exercise, Tebow had the 220-pound Bartholomew stand on his legs. Our circuits were intense and draining, at just 15 minutes. Tebow does at least 45 per circuit.