Dried Mango and Pineapple (no sugar added)
Credit: Getty Images

Why eat raisins when you could be eating way more flavorful dried exotic fruits? Dried pineapple has the perfect sweet-tart balance, while dried mango gives its signature pine-y flavor. They also pair well with nuts, especially cashews.

Sugar content: Be sure to get no-sugar added dried fruit so that the amount of sugar you get from fruit doesn't creep up on you. There are 12 g in a 1.4-oz serving of mango, 25 g in a 1.8-oz serving of pineapple. Without added sugar to keep it soft, it's a little more like natural fruit leather – and that's a good thing.
Fat: N/A
Other: Dried pineapple has 3 g of fiber.

Where to get it: Specialty food stores