New Beverly Cinema (Los Angeles, CA)
Credit: Aaron Jettleson

Since opening its doors in the 1920s, what is now known as the New Beverly Cinema has served as a vaudeville theater, a nightclub, a porn theater, and a grindhouse. In the late 1970s, The Beverly Cinema opened and became known for its double features (the first featured A Streetcar Named Desire and Last Tango in Paris). And when it was threatened with closure again in 2007, legendary film fiend Quentin Tarantino stepped in and bought the building, then told The Hollywood Reporter that “as long as I'm alive, and as long as I'm rich, the New Beverly will be there, showing double features in 35mm."

Why It Stands Out: Tarantino's ownership is, of course, a lure for many cineastes. But it's the Torgan family – who purchased the theater in 1978 – that still runs the show. Which doesn't mean that Tarantino's programming opinions aren't welcome, as evidenced by the time Django Unchained had an extended run at the theater in 2012.