The Grown-up Classic

The name of the company says it all: Solid and Striped is a new swimwear label that specializes in minimally styled trunks in a few color and stripe variations of the same model, aptly called "The Classic." The pastel palette of turquoise, coral, and lavender is the company's specialty, though we opted for a svelte pair of the Mccreedy Blue and White. An elastic waistband behind a metal-capped tie keeps them snug on the hip, but not too snug; though the liner is made of soft cotton, the outer is durable and quick-drying polyamide. The cut is mid-knee – just a friendly reminder it may be time to stop dressing like a surfer, unless you actually are one – and they run tighter around the legs than your average swimsuit. Which raises the obvious question, but thankfully, yes, one's decency is preserved by an ultra-gauzy interior net, meaning you can go for the spike in a volleyball game without showing off your trophy in the process. [From $130 to $150;]