The Connery Tribute

Freemans Sporting Club's Bond Swim Trunks are a nod to 007's sand-and-surf style. But, unlike Orlebar Brown's, they are more Connery than Craig. The trunks are tight, but not that tight, and have been modernized to be a bit more forgiving to beachgoers who lack a secret agent's physique or confidence. They hit at the mid rather than upper thigh and have some give at the waist, making them rather perfect for in-pool bars.

Modesty aside, 'Dr. No' is in the carefully crafted details, from the zip fly and adjustable waist tabs that give the shorts a trimmer look to the buttoned front pocket for secreting away gadgets. The more European length is complemented by classic preppy stripes of red or blue, an effect that suggests you've just returned from sailing to a Mediterranean island lesser people can't locate on a map.

Think of these trunks as something that could have come straight from Q's workshop: sleek, classic, and pleasingly miniaturized. [$149;]