Harrod's, London
Credit: Shaun Egan / Getty Images

Why to Go: London's most famous store is famous for a reason. Opened in 1834, Harrod's is the high church of inconspicuous English consumption. What's most impressive about the place, which is more of a cultural institution than a department store, is that it never seems stodgy. The men's clothing is on-trend, the food is outstanding (and absolutely incredible by English standards), and the employees are some of the nicest people you're likely to meet in the Big Smoke. The Food Hall is a hell of a distraction, but you'll want to remember to visit the pets section. The English truly love their dogs.

What to Buy: Aside from leashes, foreign shoppers visiting Harrod's would do well to get fitted for a jacket or a suit. The store stocks every major British label, making comparisons of different fabrics and styles easier than in St. James.