Thieves Market, Mumbai
Credit: Karen Trist / Getty Images

Why to Go: The Thieves Market isn't a market so much as it is a neighborhood full of antique shops cluttered with the priceless and the valueless. Need a wooden carousel tiger, an old Bollywood poster, a four poster bed, or an unused toboggan? You've come to the right place. Prices are extremely flexible and a beautiful old piece of furniture can be had for very little. The only question is whether whatever catches your eye will fall apart when seized from the musty confines of a cluttered shop and brought outside into the light.

What to Buy: The best bets are generally dressers and old travel trunks, but getting them home can be difficult. If you have a house to furnish, buy a shipping container and fill it up. Prices that seem high in the context of the market seem laughably low after you make it back to the States.