DeLeon Extra Añejo 51 Tequila

By Mexican law, tequila is classified by its age, typically: blanco (fresh), reposado (two to 12 months), or añejo (a year or more). Extra Añejo is a relatively recent classification and applies to tequilas aged three years or more in oak barrels. DeLeon 51 is aged 51 months (about 4.25 years) in "Haute Futaie" French oak barrels (which are used to produce some of the best wine barrels in the world) from manufacturer Seguin Moreau. Bottled at a bracing 102 proof, Extra Anejo 51 has a sweet, grassy bouquet of agave combined with hints of vanilla, earth, and wood from the oak. On the palate, there is a bite from the alcohol, but it's not overwhelming, and the taste of wood is evident, but not over-powering. It's a strong drink for sure, but one that goes down easy. Save this one for sipping neat, or in an ultra-premium cocktail. [$250;]