Everclear Grain Alcohol.

Quite possibly the most potent form of liquid ever intended for human consumption, Everclear is capable of literally taking your breath away, thanks to its incredible 95 percent alcohol content. To put that into perspective: Your typical beer has an ABV of 5 to 6 percent, so you'd have to down more than two cases of brew to get the same effect as a single bottle of this stuff (which by effect we mean what doctors usually call "death"). As its name suggests, Everclear is completely clear and, despite its strength has only a slight aroma, like the faint smell of rubbing alcohol. As far as the taste goes, it's almost irrelevant as Everclear is really intended for use in punches and mixed drinks, but for the record: extremely dry with a very powerful finish that burns a streak as it goes down the throat. Alcohol at this strength is deadly dangerous if consumed to excess – which for most would be even a single shot – which is why grain alcohol is banned by several states. But used sparingly it's an efficient way to give cocktails or punches some kick without adding to or altering their flavor. [$17; luxco.com]