Stand on golf balls.
Credit: Getty Images

This is one of the best ways to train your body to tolerate discomfort. It also breaks up scar tissue in your feet and stimulates your body's nerve endings – there are more than 7,000 nerve endings in your feet. That's the whole point behind reflexology. When we start training, we'll go straight to the balls in the morning. You almost start sweating standing on them, because it revs up your nervous system – it lights everything up. To do it, place a golf ball under your forefoot, with your heel on the ground, and slowly transition your weight so that more pressure is on the ball of your foot. Roll the golf ball over your arches, heel, and between your toes. Do one foot at a time, adding more pressure. Over time, you should be able to stand on two balls – one under your forefoot, one under your heel – while holding on to a table or hanging from a chin-up bar to support your weight. Slowly ease more weight over the ball. The nice thing is that you can adjust the amount of pressure you can take.