Oskar Blues Brewing Company - Dale's Pale Ale

The Longmont-based Oskar Blues Brewing Company became the first craft brewery in the U.S. to distribute its beer in cans back in 2002, so it's no surprise that its Dale's Pale can be found everywhere. That's in part because you can take cans pretty much anywhere, but also because Dale's Pale is a fantastically tasty and easy-drinking Pale Ale even now that canning is fairly unremarkable in the craft world. "It's amazing that they're keeping the quality so high even with all that growth," says Chris Black. "They're really doing amazing things." It's a hard point to argue. Dale's Pale Ale is a bit stronger and hoppier than most pale ales and it does smudge the distinction between pale ale and IPA a bit, but when a beer's this good we don't quibble – we just drink it.