Wynkoop Brewing Company - Colorojo

How much do Coloradans love their beer? Enough to elect John Hickenlooper, the founder of Denver's first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Company, into the governor's chair. Taste the beer, and you might cast a vote yourself. In general, we've found brewpub beer, in Denver as elsewhere, to be a decidedly hit-or-miss affair. At Wynkoop, there were more hits than misses, and we enjoyed a couple of great ones while we shot some pool in the brewery's massive billiards hall on the second floor.

We liked its IPA, but the best beer at Wynkoop is called Colorojo – a massively hoppy imperial red that dripped with citrus and helped soothe the separation anxiety that we felt from missing out on prime Nugget Nectar season on the East Coast.