Bryn Renner, Quarterback, North Carolina
Credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Instead of jogging off the field during his final home game as a senior, capping three years of calling the signals for the Tar Heels, Renner found himself watching the second half of the season from the sideline with a broken left scapula. Luckily the injury wasn't to his throwing shoulder, but an intense rehab still followed surgery. Immediately after, Renner went to work preparing the rest of his body for the combine.

This past winter he packed on 10 pounds, improved his speed, and prepped for NFL rookie camp. His 40-yard dash time of 4.87 was eighth of 15 quarterbacks who ran at the combine, but he says his overall strength improved for the first time since high school.

"Once I got fully healthy, it was exactly what I needed it to be," says Renner, who wanted to improve his 40 time and quickness while in the pocket. "When I was in college, I felt like I was playing slower than I actually was."

College weight lifting programs, he says, are more of a one-stop shop instead of being specifically designed for the demands of certain positions. At a training facility in Irvine, Calif., he worked on strengthening his core and hamstrings, with a specific focus on the moves a quarterback makes most often.

Bryn Renner's Draft-Ready Workout

Station 1: Step Drops

  • Do 5 reps of 3 and 5-step drops with resistance bands
  • Then do 5 reps of each drop using a standard resistance harness

Station 2: Dumbbell Lunges

  • With 35 pounds in each hand walk 25 yards up, stop and rest 30 seconds, walk 25 yards back. Do this 3 times.

Station 3: Overhead Med Ball Toss Against a Wall
With a 12 pound ball...

  • Drill 1: toss it over head against the wall (10 times)
  • Drill 2: chest pass against the wall (10 times)
  • Drill 3: face sideways right and rotate and toss it against the wall (10 times)
  • Drill 4: face sideways left and rotate and toss it against the wall (10 times)

Station 4: Sled Push
With 75 pounds on a sled...

  • Push it 40 yards, stop for 1 minute, push it back 40 yards
  • Do this 3 times up and back