Keenan Holman, Wide Receiver, SMU
Credit: Cooper Neill / Getty Images

The SMU wide receivers hauled in an amazing 400 passes last year, and Holman was the team's biggest producer, averaging over 15 yards per catch and totaling nine scores in 12 games. He scored on a 79-yard completion in an October victory over Temple, so there's no doubt that once he gets rolling, the 6-1, 185 wideout can run with the best of them. His challenge leading up to the draft was to work on his quickness off the line of scrimmage. It's those first few steps that can be the difference between a big play and an incomplete pass. "You want to set yourself up for a clean catch with nobody in your vicinity," he says."I feel like I get fast as I run, so if I start fast, I can finish stronger."

Holman spent the winter working on his explosiveness from a stand-still as well as out of breaks 20-yards downfield. "You've got to be smooth in that transition, because the easier you can make the transition, the harder it is for the defensive back to recover," he says. When all of those skills come together, a receiver goes from reliable to being a big-play threat.
"I've been working with some awesome trainers who've been teaching me things I never thought about before," says Holman.

Here's a powerful leg progression Holman did on his heavy workout days:

Keenan Holman's Go-To Leg Progression

  • Squats: 185 x 15; 225 x 10, 275 x 10, 315 x 6
  • Lunges: 135 x 5 (per leg), 3 sets
  • Jump squats: 3 sets of 10