Keith McGill, Defensive Back, Utah
Credit: Joe Robbins / Getty Images

At 6' 3", McGill is the tallest defensive back in the NFL Draft, and as scouts like to say: you can't teach height. So he already has an advantage at the position. But after finishing his final season at Utah last November, McGill wanted to work on increasing his stamina and lose some of the bulk he had picked up during the college season.

The lighter you are, the higher you can jump, and McGill was one of the top overall performers in the NFL's February combine for draft prospects, registering 39 inches in the test. He attributes this partly to dropping eight pounds (to 207) while working out five days per week with fellow draft prospects at a training center called STARS in Covina, Calif.

His trainer, Ryan Kelly, would run athletes through a tough, hour-long workout including supersets with three different movements like bench press, curls, and ropes, or from sit-ups to pull-ups to medicine ball tosses. "Everyone would be dog-tired, but at the end of the workout, he would pull out the 'secret menu,'" says McGill. "You'd be going through the workout, looking at the board to see what you had left, and then you'd look at the board again and see a whole bunch of other stuff. You're already exhausted, and it's like: man, are you kidding me?"

Keith McGill's Secret Menu (After a full hour workout, repeat each station three times)

  • Speed rope sequence: double arm waves, cross arm waves, rope jacks (60 seconds total)
  • Abs: medicine ball catch and crunch (15 reps)
  • Upper body: wide-grip pull-ups (20-25 reps)