Will Jackson, Offensive Lineman, Georgia Tech
Credit: Getty Images

When is an offensive lineman going to have to provide 25 consecutive forearm shivers to his challenger on the defensive side of the ball? Never. But bench press repetitions at 225 pounds are one way potential athletes are measured by NFL.

And since he wants to play in the big league, Georgia Tech offensive lineman Will Jackson spent the winter after his senior season practicing the bench press at a weight 100 pounds less than his usual routine. With a crew of fellow NFL prospects at the GATA center north of Atlanta, Jackson "just jumped right into it," and registered 16 or 17 reps in his first try. After a few weeks of sustained endurance training, he was able to reach 23 reps.

"For us it was all about training for endurance," says Jackson, who started 42 games at either left guard or left tackle for the Yellowjackets the last four seasons. "A lot of high reps, a lot of bench pressing 225. It's a little different training because we're used to higher weight, lower reps." 

Working to stay off the bench in the NFL, Jackson got used to two days a week of focused chest work. The routine consisted of 225 pounds for 15 reps as a starting point, progressed to 250 pounds for 12 reps, but never got any higher. 

"The tests are what they are," Jackson says. "But until they change, guys are going to have to prepare for them. There are probably drills out there that simulate football conditions a little better."