Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise

Americans spend more than $1 billion every year on mayonnaise, making it the nation's top-selling condiment, and Hellmann's has long been the market leader. But you can do better than this bland, oily mainstay. The South is mayo heaven and that's where you'll find Blue Plate, arguably the country's best ready-made mayonnaise, with a flavor so balanced, creamy, and tangy that it's a contender with melt-in-your-mouth homemade. To kick it up a notch, stir some smashed fresh garlic and salt or a few drops of good sriracha into a little bowl of mayo, then slather it on thick slices of grilled sourdough for your next BLT. After all, what's a great sandwich without a great sauce? [$6 for 30 oz;]