In de Wildeman
Credit: Herman Wouters

Ask a beer lover in Amsterdam where to drink and In de Wildeman is guaranteed to make the short list. The low-key beer bar, located in a former distillery in the center of town, boasts 18 beers on tap and more than 250 in bottles, paying close attention to Dutch and Belgian brewers (a whole section of the menu covers Trappist beers alone), but also British, German, Flemish, and American. On the impressive Dutch list, you'll find a good selection of brews from t'IJ and de Prael, and many from around the country: the pleasantly bitter, dry-hopped Christoffel Nobel (8.7% ABV), a golden-blond extra-strong lager brewed in Roermond; the creamy, citrusy Gulpener Korenwolf witbier (5%), from the south of Holland; the subtly sweet, spicy Jopen Koyt (8.5% ABV), a gruit (mulled beer) flavored by herbs, not hops, according to a 15th-century Dutch recipe. Deciding where to start will be your toughest decision all week.