Dwight Fenton, Bonobos

"Wearing a uniform was never a conscious decision, it just evolved that way. What started out as a school uniform – five-pocket corduroys, a button-down shirt and L.L. Bean Camp moccasins – has evolved into a comfortable, easy default that provides me a few minutes every day where I don't have to think about clothing. If I had to put as much thought about what I wear every day as I do about the lines I create, I'd probably drive myself nuts.”

“For me, the uniform is a way of finding something I'm comfortable with in spite of all the trends and non-stop fashion vortex I think about all day long. It’s minimal and not trend-dependent. That’s really the appeal. There's also a more subconscious part of it that is a connection with the past, which is also a form of ‘comfort’ I guess.  Not that I want to get Freudian about this...” - Dwight Fenton