Erik Schnakenberg, Buck Mason

"In Southern California we’re blessed having weather patterns conducive to literally being able to wear the same thing every day. For me that’s a five-pocket slim selvedge jean, a white crew neck tshirt, a Stetson, and one of my eight chambray button-downs that I throw on. A couple are vintage that I’ve had forever, and a couple are my design. It seems to be really functional. Definitely durable."

"I think about what the modern male uniform is all the time, and I think it evolves. What you look good in and what you feel good in, it eventually becomes like a comfort blanket. I started wearing jeans and a white tshirt every day because it was really easy, it’s just one less thing you have to think about, and truthfully I think it just looks good. And now it gets to a point where if I’m wearing something else it doesn’t feel natural. Honestly, if I designed something that’s a little bit more trendy for us, I still wouldn’t experiment with it in my wardrobe."

"It’s less creating some signature look or identity. It’s about taste and about following what’s natural. I grew up in a town of 2,000 people in the middle of Missouri, so workwear and functional pieces based on the weather were just a part of life. My sense of style has certainly evolved, but the root of everything I think about from a fashion perspective is really derived out of function, and out of seeing my father dress for work every day." - Erik Schnakenberg