Get over yourself.
Credit: Andy Lyons / Getty Images

So you've triple-bogeyed the first two holes, and you feel as if you're done when really you've hardly begun. Your heart's in the clubhouse and you're not exactly sure where to go from here. Johnson's been there. In the third round of the Masters he shot a woeful four-over-par 76, allowing Tiger to grab a one-shot lead going into the final day. But Johnson didn't crack. "Golf will punish you mentally and emotionally in many ways," he points out. "When things start going bad, it's easy for them to go from bad to worse, but I try to embrace the challenge. You need to stay in the present and put the past behind you." To keep your cool, think of those first two holes as warm-ups. Take a couple of deep breaths as you approach the third hole, go through your routine, and execute. With patience and perseverance, you can rebound like Johnson, who shot a final-day 69 to win the sought-after green jacket by two strokes.