The Top 10 Adventure Dogs

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Picking the Right Puppy
Sharon Montrose / Getty Images11/12

Picking the Right Puppy

Even at a young age a puppy's personality can stand out: bold and adventurous, cautious and shy, or just plain ornery. No one is more aware of how the pups are developing than the breeder, who's been taking care of them. So after picking a reliable kennel, tell them you're looking for an active dog that's smart and trainable. There are also ways to judge for yourself. "I would look for interaction: Does one pup play with toys and bring them to you?" says BFAS's Woodard. "Look for a puppy that is staying near you, not ignoring you and playing with the other pups." Paying attention to other dogs means they might be aloof or rambunctious later in life. Also, some people choose a shy puppy because they look sad and needy, but those are not qualities you want in an adventure dog. "Shyness can be genetic, and your best efforts to train this pup to be bold and brave may not work," she says.

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