9 Insane Burgers We Dare You to Try

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Chicken & Sons
Courtesy of Jason King @spooningaust6/9

Chicken & Sons

Inspiration hit Adam Spencer, chef-owner of Chicken & Sons in Sydney, Australia, when he was experimenting with a Lemmy-themed burger. The late Motörhead frontman’s favorite drink was Jack Daniels and coke, which Spencer combined to create a caramel. The thought process evolved and the end result was a burger/bagel hybrid with a shot of bourbon shoved into a sandwich of Angus beef patty, cheddar, pickles, bourbon-bacon, and jalapeños. And how does one tackle the Bourbon Burgel? The chef’s preference is to take a shot of the bourbon (after you stir the glazed bacon to release the flavor), take a bite of the bacon, then devour the burger.

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