A Better Bouquet: Flower-Infused Beers We Can Get Behind
Tom Kelley / Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is here yet again, which means if you’re in a relationship, your significant other is likely looking for some acknowledgement. Whether you’re the traditional flowers-and-chocolates type, the anti-Cupid who hates forced romance, or you’re just someone feeling sorry for yourself for not being in a relationship at all, there is a solution to winning Valentine’s Day: beer.

From the wildly romantic farmhouse-style ale aged on rose petals that says “I love you,” to the pretty-in-pink hibiscus wheat imparting “I like you, and I’m thirsty,” all the way down to the “let’s keep it casual” saison brewed with dandelions named after a French word for pee, beers brewed with flowers are a great solution for any relationship status, giving you a gifting range that spans artfully amorous to casually consumable.

Technically, hops are flowers, which means basically every beer has flowers in it — but try a little harder than snagging any old six-pack at the bodega and surprise your bae with a beer bouquet.