A Better Bouquet: Flower-Infused Beers We Can Get Behind

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Beer Made with Dandelion
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Beer Made with Dandelion


Saison With Dandelion

Brasserie Fantome

Soy, Wallonia, Belgium

8% ABV

This Belgian saison brewed with dandelions is as strange as you think. Each spring, Fantome founder/brewer Dany Prignon and some helpful companions actually take to the fields to handpick bushels of dandelions. The flowers are removed, sun-dried, then soaked in water making a thick dandelion “tea” that is eventually added to the beer recipe’s barley malt, hops, and saison yeast, yielding a dark gold, richly flavored brew. Fun fact: “Pissenlit,” the French word for dandelion, literally translates to piss in bed. We hope that’s not how you end your Valentine’s Day night. Good luck.

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