A Better Bouquet: Flower-Infused Beers We Can Get Behind

Beer Made with Elderflower

Beer Made with Elderflower

Wildflower Pale Ale

Pale Ale With Elderflower, Marigold and Sweet Osmanthus

Forbidden Root

Chicago, IL

5.6% ABV

Named after the Works Progress Administration (of FDR’s New Deal era), WPA is power to the people, in the form of a delicately balanced, accessible, and drinkable-on-the-job pale ale. Its bright, citrusy aroma welcomes you into a subtle bouquet of wildflowers, combining a clean malt balance with a crisp, bitter finish reminiscent of picking flowers by the roadside.

Blackboard #3

Berliner Weisse With Elderflower

Victory Brewing

Downings, PA

5.2% ABV

The third in Victory’s ongoing smaller-batch Blackboard Series, this special brew (available on draft and in 12-ounce bottles) is a Berliner-style Weisse that’s light, hazy, and topped with a foamy white head, offering subtle aromas of wood and spice up front, and finishing with a lightly sour, slightly sweet flavor that’s especially subtle for the style.


Sour Beer With Elderflower


Copenhagen, Denmark

7.7% ABV

Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium, Mikkeller’s Spontanelderflower is one in the gypsy brewer’s “Spontan” series of spontaneously fermented, fruited lambic-style ales. Other variations include Spontanframboos (raspberry), Spontanpineapple and our personal favorite, Spontancarrot. This elderflower-focused version is tart and citrusy, a touch acidic, and has a dry finish.

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