How to Pick a Host Gift (Depending On How Much You Like the Host)

The Neighbor You Like

The Neighbor You Like

How much you should spend: ~$12.00

Both Chang and Heil opt for familiarity — Heil in taste, Chang in etiquette: “Bring this guy something mellow and drinkable, with character but not entirely unfamiliar,” Heil says. Your best bet? A refreshing sixer of session IPAs like Firestone Walker Easy Jack, Stone’s Go-To, or Pipeworks Lil Citra, if you can find it. “These crushers are low ABV enough to say, ‘Hey, man I’m chill, and I’m definitely not going to get wasted and host a 2 a.m. karaoke session in my living room,’” Heil says, “but they’re also crisp and refreshing enough to show that you’re always game to co-host an afternoon BBQ like a fun-loving — yet mature — adult.”

Meanwhile, Chang’s bringing “a bottle of Spanish Cava, opened, with two glasses, because it’s what I want to drink and you never know if they have good glassware.”