The 10 Best Mail-Order Steaks

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D'Artagnan’s trucks zip around major cities dropping off everything from beef to wild boar at fine-dining kitchens. As the brand’s reputation for free-range meats grew over 30 years, so did its expansion into home delivery backed by the same guarantee it offers to chefs. The steaks are grass-fed Angus and Wagyu, and it pays to buy in bulk, like an unfrozen 10-pack of filet mignons that drops the price down to a reasonable $2.50 per ounce. [

What else you can get: The rare outside skirt steak from 21-day aged Angus cattle, which requires removing the membrane still attached. It’s more work, but it's considered to have better flavor and a more tender texture than the inside skirt steak commonly used for fajitas.

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