The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America

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Brooklyn, NY/Bogota, Columbia

Operating out of Bogota and Brooklyn, Devoción started in 2006 when Steven Sutton, a Colombia native whose family was forced to relocate from Medellín to Bogota during the time of Pablo Escobar, set out to accomplish two things: to source and promote the high-end Colombian coffee that was being overlooked by international retailers; and to work with growers in remote, dangerous areas so that they may earn fair trade and higher prices while attaining safer working conditions.

Devoción is also unique in its truly tree-to-cup process: after being dry-milled in Bogota, the finest beans are selected and immediately shipped to the U.S. to be roasted in Brooklyn within 10 days, creating the freshest cup imaginable (other coffee roasters take anywhere from four to 12 months to roast their beans).

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