The 5 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

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Green Blender
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Green Blender

Start the day off right with a smoothie from Green Blender. Choose from an option of one-, four-, and 12-week plans, and you’ll be supplied each week with five recipes and enough organic, non-GMO ingredients to yield 10 12-ounce superdrinks. Each shipment has a theme (such as Vitamin C Infused, Calming, or Light and Energizing) with corresponding recipes (our Vitamin C sample included Maple Cranberry Tart, Green Horchata, and Pomegranate Pineapple), and you’ll be stocked with all the fruits and veggies, leafy greens, boosters (powders, nuts, seeds), and liquids (coconut water, almond milk, juice) you'll consume each morning.

What sets this apart: A Benefits legend highlights drinks that are high in protein, immune-boosting, low-calorie, anti-inflammatory, and so on.

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