The 5 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

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Hungryroot’s meals, which include a main, a side, and a dessert, were some of the quickest of the bunch. You can expect to eat in seven minutes or less. Most dishes are root-based, as the name would suggest (carrot, celery, rutabaga, sweet potato, and so on) and come already cut, diced, or spiralized. The only work required of you is to heat up the ingredients on the stovetop with some oil and add the sauces provided. A few even come ready to eat. An easy-to-understand legend on the website explains which offerings are vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, freezable, you name it. Plus, you have the option to add on a protein (choice of chicken or tofu) to any main.

What sets this apart: Superfood facts are provided with each main dish (all dishes made by Hungryroot offer Nutrition Facts on the website) explaining the health benefits of the star ingredient of each meal. For example, the facts for the Carrot Noodles with Tangy Sriracha Peanut highlighted a 10-year study that found eating a carrot a day can reduce the risk of stroke. Not only will you be eating healthy, but you’ll likely learn something new in the process.

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