The 5 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

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Purple Carrot
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Purple Carrot

All the recipes from Purple Carrot are plant-based with most of the ingredients bundled together per recipe. Bulkier items, for instance, get their own labeled bag. You can choose either the one- to two-person plan, which comes with three recipes of two servings each, or the three- to four-person plan, which includes two recipes of four servings each. The menus are preset, so you can see what's for dinner in advance. Highlighting why living a vegan lifestyle is good for both your body and the planet, they’ve made it a point to use recipes from a variety of cuisines that will introduce you to new cooking techniques, offering fresh twists on classic fare. The Barley Lentil Pilaf we tried married warm and hearty with a light and spicy salad, plus introduced us to celery root, something we will definitely be seeking out for future meals.

What sets this apart: Along with the ingredients, Purple Carrot lists the things you’ll need from your own cupboards (oil, salt, etc.) as well as the kitchen tools necessary for each recipe.

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