The Best Cask Strength Whiskeys

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Barrell Bourbon

Barrell Bourbon

What's fun about Barrell Bourbon is it sources barrels from distilleries they really like and then their master blender blends the bourbon to his liking — and they're all cask strength and limited release. So once they're gone, they're gone, but they'll keep making more. Each generally ranges between 120 to 125 proof, has a unique flavor profile and all run pretty hot. Look for the New Year 2017, which blends a variety of bourbons aged five to 13 years and comes in under the norm at 117 proof. We didn't get the chance to taste this new offering, but love Barrell Bourbon's description, "Crushed stone and broiled fruit give way to wet saddle leather and generous dollops of heavy sweet cream oozing over cast iron baked cornbread." Sounds tasty. ($84.99,

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