The Best New Beer and Spirit Collaborations

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Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

This Rhode Island distillery has been using beer as its jump-off point since it opened in 2011. SOL distills a range of spirits from beer, with a focus on single malt and seasonal whiskies. They also produce The Belgian Wheat Act, a genever style gin that is distilled from a mash of barley, wheat, and oats that is infused with botanicals. Founder Mike Reppucci sees the care put into the beer they distill their spirits from as being the first step in quality. “The crazy thing is that most whiskies out there, especially when we started in 2011, are making flavorless beers to distill into whiskey,” he says. “So we said, ‘Why not make a whiskey from a stout, or a Belgian, or any other flavorful beer?’ ” Other spirits from SOL include Battle Cry single malt made from a Belgian style ale, and a collaboration with Foolproof Brewing Company called Foolproof Raincloud Hop Flavored Whiskey.

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