Trump Supporter or Not, You Can Do Better Than Yuengling
Peet Simard / Getty Images

While campaigning for his father on Monday, Eric Trump visited the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where 73-year-old brewery owner Dick Yuengling Jr. came out in support of Donald Trump. "Our guys are behind your father," he said. "We need him in there." This caused quite a few people to declare that they'd stop drinking beer made by the 187-year-old brewery, with some calling for an all out boycott.

If you hate Trump, that's probably reason enough for you to stop drinking the stuff. But if you're a supporter, well, there are many other reasons you should stop drinking Yuengling right now anyway. Here are the two main ones:

1) Dick Yuengling has been a problematic figure for a very long time. As pointed out by the website Good Beer Hunting, Yuengling's past includes paying $10M to settle charges that, from 2009-2015, they were in constant violation of the Clean Water Act; accruing $6.6M in unpaid city taxes between 2006 and 2013; and having a complicated-at-best relationship with labor.

2) And more importantly: The beer — we're talking about the flagship here — isn't very good. Yes, it's a tick better than Budweiser or Coors or whatever, and there's the tiniest hint of hop bitterness if you find it fresh, which you usually can't. And it pretty much just tastes like corn. So the point is, you can do much, much better. 

Here are 5 other ambers that would be a perfectly suitable alternative to Yuengling.