Two-Ingredient Tequila Cocktails

In Mexico, tequila is most frequently sipped and enjoyed neat, without all the sappy extras like sweet and sour and salty rims disguising the liquor. In the land of agave, if a mixer is called in for reinforcement, it’s likely Squirt (yeah, that citrus soda you probably forgot about decades ago but your grandma still has in her fridge). That’s because good, high-quality tequilas don’t need a whole bar cart of cover-ups to make them taste good, unlike the harsh shots of cheap mixtos (tequila made with 51 percent agave as opposed to 100 percent) from your college years. As an ode to tequila, bartenders are sharing their best two-ingredient cocktails (technically "drinks," we know) with ingredients that complement the tequila rather than hide it.