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Allthingsbeer 510

Chauncey Jackson is an Oakland-based beer nerd who began recording reviews for his channel, Allthingsbeer 510, last November. Although he’s relatively new to the reviewer scene, Jackson felt he could fill a void in the craft beer community. “There was no one from the Bay Area [doing] beer reviews, and I have a nice amount of access to good beer,” he said. “There’s also not too many black reviewers, so I fill that void as well.”

Before craft beer, Jackson, who is a hospital operations manager by day, was in the hip hop scene, a recognized “underground internet rapper” who recorded with artists as far off as New York City. Armed with both passions and a desire to create, he combined the two with a craft beer review channel that incorporates hip hop into its audio and scenery, as well as its discussions.

“[I thought], let me blend the two and see what happens,” said Jackson. Each song or album picked out for an Allthingsbeer 510 episode has a tie to the beer, sometimes very directly: in the cases of Monkish Brewing, “literally almost every title is a reference to a hip hop song or rapper,” Jackson said, and he’s got a song ready for every one

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