Welcome to BrewTube: Inside the World of YouTube Beer Reviewers

Beer Geek Nation

“I don’t want to be too beer nerdy,” said Beer Geek Nation founder, Chris Steltz, who happens to be the unofficial founding father of YouTube beer review channels. “Other channels try to do the rarest beer in the world, but nobody can get that beer. I don’t look for the hardest-to-get beers, I try to get stuff people can access.”

Approachable and “craft beer community centric” is the aim for Beer Geek Nation, and it’s hitting its target: by far the most-followed channels on this list, Beer Geek Nation has close to 40,000 subscribers. Add in music, title cards, graphics, and editing skills that came with his video marketing degree (although by trade, Steltz is a clinical laboratory scientist), and we can see why his loyal fan base continues to grow.