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Darwin's Beer Reviews

Darwin Goh is the YouTube community’s go-to New York City beer reviewer. With videos routinely including the likes of Grimm Artisanal Ales, Other Half Brewing, and even the not-yet-open District 96 Beer Factory (coming soon to New City, New York), Goh is quick and articulate — and a big fan of juicy IPAs. When discussing his early forays into YouTube reviewing, Goh recalls feeling that he could serve as a knowledgeable source for beer tastings. “I guess there is an egotistical aspect to it,” he admits. But it’s the meaningful experiences he’s after, being able to connect with craft beer geeks on and off screen. Hear him tackle topics from hazy IPAs to Anheuser-Busch acquisitions — and even a little beer drama with Beer Geek Nation.

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