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Massive Beer Reviews

Like his fellow BrewTube community members, Mathew Dapkins likes to drink good beer and talk about it. He culls two decades’ worth of craft beer drinking experience into discussions about a variety of beer styles, and has more than 1,000 videos mainly made up of reviews and peppered with beer topic “editorials” like “Why IPA's [sic] Rule the Roost,” a 30-minute foray into craft beer drinkers’ favorite style.

While the channel is mostly positive, you can count on Dapkins to speak his mind candidly. In a recent review in April, he begins with this delicious moment: “Cool label, but I’m going to talk about the elephant in the room right now before we do anything... wax top, cork and cage.” (Dramatic pause, evident range of emotions, sheepish grin/scoff). “That’s f*ckin’ retarded. A cork and cage, waxed? Come on.” A thoughtful, minute-and-a-half long struggle with the bottle ensues.

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