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Tasting Nitch

This Oregon-born, self-described “beer geek” now drinking and BrewTubing from Paris says her channel is less about reviewing beers themselves, and more about engaging the community of beer reviewers. “The online community for me was a natural move because there are not a lot of beer geeks that speak English here,” she said. “Being able to reach that community [online], I became great friends with a lot of people from all over the world. We all have our quirks and differences, but we all kind of put that aside.”

Nitch recently kicked off the insularly viral Frequently Asked Beer Questions (#FABQ), a video series of responses within the BrewTube community providing some insight into their many backgrounds. “It was great because it brought us all together to see how in common we all are, and at the same time, [see] our minor differences.

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