This Self-Driving Car Made a 3,400-Mile, Coast-to-Coast Road Trip

This self-driving Audi, engineered by Delphi, drove from San Francisco to New York with just two driver interventions. Credit: Courtesy Delphi

An automated Audi Q5 fitted with radar, laser systems, and cameras from Delphi, navigated itself across 15 states and 3,400 miles to complete a trans-American road trip. The journey was an experiment for Delphi to refine its automated and driverless car technology, which will be supplied in other Audi models, as well as with the Volvo XC90.

The car navigated roundabouts, bridges, open highways, and inclement weather while cruising just under the speed limit. Two human occupants accompanied the Audi and only had to intervene twice during the entire journey: Once in a construction zone and again to avoid a police car on the right shoulder of the road.

"We expected we would be in autonomous mode most of the time, but to be in it close to 99 percent of the time was a pleasant surprise," Jeff Owens, Delphi's Chief Technology Officer, told the Associated Press on Thursday.

Check out the highlights from the nine-day drive: