15 Car Accessories That Will Change the Way You Drive

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Best for Lazy Drivers 2.0

Best for Lazy Drivers 2.0

Sometimes a product solves a problem that you didn’t even realize you had, and it changes your life (and your driving) forever. The Pilot Automotive PR-039 ($10 from Amazon) is one of those products. It is a French Fry Holder. Made of high-tech plastic, it fits in a standard cup holder slot and provides a perfectly secure perch for your large order of fries. No longer will you have to juggle your burger, drink, and fries when you leave the drive-through. Your giant drink goes in one cup holder, your hamburger lives in your left hand, and your fries slot securely into the PR-039. If there were a Nobel Prize for car accessories, Pilot Automotive would be on a plane to Norway right now to collect its well-deserved reward.

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