15 Car Accessories That Will Change the Way You Drive

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Best For Worrywarts

Best For Worrywarts

The Audiovox Car Connection 2.0 is an OBD-II (on-board diagnostics, second generation) plug-in device that measures and transmits information about your car’s performance, location, and condition via a cellular connection. Plug a Car Connection 2 into your car’s OBD2 port (usually under the dash to the left of the steering wheel), and your car communicates with a website that you can access at home or on your smartphone. You can see where your car is parked, the route that it traveled to get there, and other information. The Car Connection also reads your car’s trouble codes in real time and reports them to you as soon as they occur, so you can monitor its condition before a small problem becomes a big one. Free with a 2-year contract through AT&T.

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