2017 Road Bike Buyer's Guide

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Storck Fascenario .3

Storck Fascenario .3

Germany’s Storck has been quietly building some of the world’s finest carbon fiber framesets for over two decades. The Fascenario .3 is its latest and greatest all-round road bike. Designed to be a frameset that’s lightweight, aerodynamic, and comfortable, the Fascenario .3’s fork features wide, bowed fork blades (to maximize aerodynamics) and seat stays with a flatter cross-section (to enhance compliance). Advanced carbon fiber layup technology ensures a low weight without compromising stiffness and pedaling efficiency. All this tech comes with a hefty price tag: $5,999 for the frame and fork. And collectors take note: 77 special Aston Martin limited edition bikes were also released — for 17,777 Euro. [From $5,999; storck-bicycle.cc

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