3 Luxe Utility Vehicles Worth Every Penny
Courtesy Audi

We Americans are living in a particularly polarized moment, but there are a few things we can at least agree on: Papa John Schnatter is a pizza-making god; professional video gamers are athletes; and Maroon 5 belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. OK, we’re clearly joking, but what we can get on board for: You should buy an SUV. The debate is over, and sport-utes have won. They now make up 53 percent of the market. The biggest chunk of those are in the so-called B segment: your two-row, five-seat midsizers — sometimes called crossovers — which are nearly a quarter of all new vehicles sold. The competition is the most interesting among the luxury brands. High-end carmakers are using lighter mixed-material subframes that improve performance and fuel economy; torque-vectoring all-wheel drive and differential braking systems that impart sport-sedan-like performance; and autonomous safety tech that may actually save your life (even swerving away from oncoming cars) when you inevitably look down at your phone. Beginning with last year’s fantastic Jaguar F-Pace and continuing through this summer’s release of three standout entrants from Audi, Volvo, and Alfa Romeo, we may be arriving at the high point of the gas-powered, five-seat luxury SUV era.