9 Innovative New Car Technologies Unveiled at CES 2017

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Faraday Future

Faraday Future

The California-based and China-backed electric car maker has finally revealed its near-street-ready EV supercar, the autonomous FF 91. With a 0-60 time of 2.39 seconds, the FF 91 has officially become the world’s fastest production vehicle — besting the latest from Bentley, Ferrari, and, of course, Tesla. Armed with 1,050 horsepower, the FF 91 is the most connected vehicle ever built: Each passenger has their own profile of content. The FF 91 uses facial recognition to identify the driver and continuously learn driving behavior. It also takes into account weather conditions and other factors to forecast your needs and automatically adjust car settings for comfort, performance, and safety. 

Over 30 sensors including cameras, radar, retractable LIDAR, and ultrasonic sensors combine to enable these features. With 130 kWh of power on board, the most powerful electric propulsion system and largest and densest battery of any car, the FF 91 can reach in excess of 378 miles of EPA adjusted range, eliminating range anxiety. Autonomous capabilities will enable driverless valet to drop you off and park itself, and automatically return when you summon it via an app.

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