Big in Japan: Highlights from the Tokyo Motor Show

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NISSAN IMx Concept
Image via Nissan9/10

NISSAN IMx Concept

The word “pilot” has become a bit taboo in the automotive world, because in legal circles it implies that a car can drive all by itself. Still, this is the world of concepts, not production cars. So in Tokyo Nissan is showing off its IMx Concept with what it’s calling ProPILOT drive, a purely autonomous mode where the steering wheel tucks away behind the dash and puts the seats into a recliner mode, literally making it impossible to drive the car yourself. Nissan says this EV in crossover guise has 372 miles of range and that it would feel plenty quick, with all-wheel drive, 430hp and 516 lb. ft. of torque. Which might all come in handy if in fact the IMx will come sooner than 2030 (when most carmakers can maybe deliver full autonomy). The goal is in fact just that, to expand Nissan’s EV version of the Leaf to many models, shapes and sizes. We don’t think you’ll see anything quite as exaggerated as this study, but Nissan needs to jumpstart excitement in its electric vehicle lineup and make Leaf grow the way Toyota has made the Prius and its other hybrids a default in so many formats.

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